Weekly Menu Plan, Mar 3 – Mar 9

It’s looking like we’ve got a busy week ahead…  Thus, I am going to try to keep the menus simple!  We are going to try tacos in wonton cups (like how I make them for Sausage Stars).  After baking the wontons, I’ll fill them with meat and cheese, then we’ll top with lettuce & tomatoes after the oven.

The bread recipe that I tried last week was pretty good.  It wasn’t as crusty as our favorite no knead bread, but it was pretty simple to do!  Unfortunately since it will be such a busy week, I don’t think I’ll have much time to try a lot of new recipes.

Chicken Alfredo, garlic & cheese biscuits, steamed broccoli
Taco Cups, corn
Chicken enchiladas, guacamole & chips
Bierocks (from the freezer)
Chicken stir fry, rice
Cavatini, soft breadsticks, salad
Free pizza 🙂

What’s on your menu plan this week?

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