Weekly Menu Plan, Apr 6 – Apr 12

I’ve been doing pretty well lately with making the new recipes that I want to try.  However, last week I did not make two of them.  We did make the tilapia, and my son raved about it!  He mentioned several times during the meal that, “we should have tilapia more often” 😉  Unfortunately, My daughter came down with a stomach bug, so my efforts the rest of the week were more geared toward keeping the house disinfected and the rest of the family healthy than making new recipes!  I hope we stay healthy this week.

Chicken Pot Pie
Crispy Baked Ravioli, peas
Bean & Cheese Burritos, corn
Crispy Cheesy Buttermilk Chicken, Parmesan Asparagus (both new recipes to us)
Honey & Spice Baked Chicken (new recipe to us), green beans
Dinner at our friends’ house
Dinner with our Small Group (we’re hosting and providing several kinds of kabobs!)

What’s on your menu plan this week?
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  1. Just want to thank you for sharing all your meals each week. I’ve made several of the dishes you share and I look forward to this post every week. Keep up your awesome cooking!

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